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Combines Ultrasound & Light Therapy

Has your skin begun to look tired, lifeless and dull? Perhaps it seems to have developed a mind of its own, with blotchy, uneven patches or a mixture of redness and sallow tones. If so. Dernnalift Genesis is just the tonic your skin needs.

Combining the proven technologies of Ultrasonic and Light Therapy, the Dermalift Genesis will not only treat the conditions mentioned above, but also a whole myriad of common skin ailments that affect people of all ages with all skin types:


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Both ultrasonic and light therapy stand-alone as outstanding results-driven treatments; but when combined their effect on your clients skin is maximised. The waves generated by the ultrasonic penetrate deeply through the epidermis and into the dermis, increasing blood flow, plumping up the skin, smoothing out fine lines & wrinkles, tightening sagging skin, contracting enlarged pores, alleviating puffy eyes and reducing the appearance of dark circles and Cellulite.

Dull, lifeless skin? Dermalift Genesis is just the tonic your skin needs.

Light Therapy

Light therapy can be applied alone, or concurrently alongside the ultrasonic treatment using specifically designed ultrasonic hand pieces fitted with an array of LEDs around the outside of the ultrasonic applicator head. The light's colour can be changed according to your client's specific skincare needs, whilst the mode of the light can be switched to either constant on, or to a pulsed mode. This pulsed effect maximises the light's penetration of the skin to different depths, providing treatment to both the epidermis, dermis and underlying tissue.

Red Light

Stimulates the skins cellular regeneration, facilitating tissue repair & rejuvenation. Also stimulates the lymphatic system, aiding in lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and remove waste toxins.

The red light is used to treat the following conditions and skin conditions:

Red light works on the predominately signs of ageing and loss of skin tone. It works effectively on any areas of inflammation and will stimulate fibroblast cells to produce collagen, which will improve elasticity, improving damaged skins and scar tissue. The red light uses exact wavelengths to stimulate new collagen and dermal extra-cellular matrix substance, which visibly improves the appearance of fine lines and ' wrinkles without damaging the overlying epidermis. The treatment will also increase circulation and lymphatic flow, which will improve cell metabolism.

Blue Light

Reduces inflammation & provides an anti-bacterial effect, an ideal treatment for acne prone skin.

The blue light is used to treat the following conditions and skin conditions:

Acne starts when the pores become blocked and bacteria begin to grow, which then creates whiteheads and blackheads. These whiteheads and blackheads then release their content onto the surface of the skin, which will then either heal or rupture where inflammatory acne can then be seen. Blue light therapy is the lastest technology in the fight against both adult and teenage acne, oily, blemished, irritated and pms/hormonal related breakouts. Its anti bacterial action soothes and calms sebaceous glands and excites porphyrins, which destroy propionbacterium acnes (p.acnes) without harming the surrounding skin. The blue lights produce purifying oxygen molecules within the skin that quickly and effectively destroy bacteria. There are no side effects, pain or change to the clients normal activities and can be used safely alongside anti acne medications.

Amber Light

Tones and smooth's the skin, whilst also promoting the production of Collagen.

The amber light is used to treat the following skin conditions:

Amber light therapy treatments have been developed to treat irritated, inflamed, UV damaged, red, rosacea and broken facial vessels. It's a great treatment for post micro-dermabrasion, exfoliation, peel and resurfacing. Using low level light therapy the amber light will help to rebuild lost collagen so skin will appear calm, balanced and healthy. The treatment will bring radiance, minimise facial blood vessels and bring a health glow to the skin.

What type of skin is ultra-sonic suitable for?

The Genesis treatment can be used on all skin types and can be improving the appearance of the following skin conditions:

What Is Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a sophisticated sound wave technology that penetrates deep below the surface of the skin, promoting cell renewal, toning, increasing circulation and encouraging lymphatic drainage, combating puffiness and increasing product penetration. Once only used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and medical spas, ultrasound is now available for salon use, providing you with the took to perform a deep ultrasound massage that stimulates the micro circulation and re-activates the cellular exchange. Ultrasound treatments are clinically proven, cutting-edge technology that uses low-frequency sound waves to combat the signs of aging and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The gel used during the treatment is designed to optimise the penetration of the cyclical sound waves produced by the ultrasound hand pieces. The active ingredients found within this gel will be propelled deep within the skin to produce additional benefits and leave the skin feeling soft and hydrated after the treatment.

Ultrasound Treatments for the Body

Ultrasound is the most up to date treatment in the fight against cellulite. As cellulite becomes older it becomes very difficult to remove. The ultrasound is emitted at a very high frequency, which sets up vibrations in the cells and breaks up and disperses hardened fatty deposits in cellulite. The ultrasound waves pass through the rest of the tissue creating a micro massaging effect. Apart from some localised heat which helps to disperse rigid structures such as cellulite and tension the treatment is sensation free, relaxing and comfortable for the client. The treatment is safe and easy to use and has been based on medical uses like ultrasound scans.

What Is LED Light Therapy?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Diode gives off energy in the form of light. These light diodes are compact, durable, powerful, bright, efficient and give a rejuvenating effect on the skin. LED light therapy is backed by over 200 reports and documents validated by hundreds of universities and medical labs. The use of light therapy is also backed by NASA, as it has been successfully used for the healing of wounds in space. LED light therapy is a non-chemical, non-invasive alternative to other anti ageing treatments available today. LED light therapy is recognised as one of the safest, quickest and most affordable ways to achieve younger looking skin. The LED light is converted and used as energy by the skin to promote new, healthy, younger looking skin much like photosynthesis in plants where energy from the sun is converted into food. The treatment uses cell specific wavelengths during the treatment that can access photoreceptors and create a therapeutic photo response that improves a multitude of aliments. The Genesis machine uses hand pieces for the therapist to work with over the face and body during treatments, which make the treatment more user friendly and enables the therapist to reach all areas of the face and body. We found it to be more beneficial to be able to move and direct the light over specific areas rather than its use being restricted and static.

How do LED Light Therapy Treatments Work?

Our skin and body tissues have the ability to absorb light and use it as a source of energy to stimulate cellular regeneration. The light rays emitted by the Genesis are beneficial to our skin as they contain no UV rays.
Collagen and elastin are produced in the cells that are known as fibroblasts. Inside these fibroblast cells is a smaller cellular structure called Mitochondria. The Mitochondria function is to covert nutrients into an energy carrier called Adenosine Triphosphate or (ATP). ATP then fuels all our cells activities, giving our cells the energy they need to function. The Genesis sends light rays into our fibroblast cells, which then excites the Mitochondria into producing usually between 2-4 times more ATP. This then provides more energy for our cells, which creates more of the much needed collagen and elastin to be produced, along with other much needed materials for the skin. The increase in collagen then plumps up the skin helping to fill out lines and wrinkles, whilst the elastin helps to firm skin that has lost skin tone over time. The Genesis LED light therapy treatments will leave the skin appearing more youthful, smoother, healthier and radiant.

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