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Body Treatments

WrapFactor Detox Clay Wraps

The 60-minute aromatherapy wrap for inch loss luxury

Awarded `Slimming loves' in a Slimming magazine survey of spa treatments

Wrap Factor Aromatherapy Detox Wrap

Can be ideal for slimming and firming legs, bottoms, hips and arms, visibly reducing the effects of ageing, perking up breasts and diminishing stretchmarks.

Plus, it can help the rapid break-down and elimination of fatty deposits that may be causing cellulite, perfect preparation for little black dresses and beach bums everywhere!

Just one treatment helps lose inches. Tighten, firm, lift and sculpt your body. The unique formula uses sea clay, distilled to its purest level, to draw toxins from in and around the fat cells, then flush them out through the body's lymphatic system - promoting instant inch loss and improved skin tone.

Detox wraps -


The detox wrap is made up of a unique formulation containing special amino acids that can promote extended inch loss benefits. To the formulations we have added a fusion of natural ingredients - Almond Oil - Vitamin E, Fennel, Juniper Berry and Cypress that work in harmony with each other and with your body, to leave you feeling cleansed, toned, refreshed, invigorated and purified. When applied to the skin the wrap formulation draws toxins from the pores while keeping the skin healthy. The bandages gently compress the skin. Pushing it back into place after the toxins are withdrawn resulting in safe, effective natural inch loss.


The Detox Wraps are not water loss wraps and the results are measured in inches and not weight, so there is no need to worry about dramatic weight fluctuations when you take on fluids. In fact, the more water you drink the better, prolonging the treatment to maximise results.


Problem areas can be retreated on a regular basis - please consult your salon - and inch loss will continue until the area has been completely detoxified. Depending on lifestyle, retoxification occurs naturally.

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Dos and Don'ts for successful detoxing and maintaining inch loss


Wrap Factor body wrap survey results* :

Of 53 users surveyed, ranging from 18 to 60 years

* Source Ayton-Moon Consultancy

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