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BellaPeel diamond peeling

The System

The BellaPeel diamond peeling & serum infusion system is an advanced medical and esthetic skin care system incorporating the use of natural diamonds to exfoliate the skin thereby improving its regenerative capabilities while at the same time applying specific topical solutions which penetrate deep into the skin boosting its cellular functions and repairing damaged layers. This unique dual process pushes fresher cells to the surface at a faster rate resulting in smoother younger looking and overall more tolerant skin. The BellaPeel diamond is a fully automated system with all the checks and balances necessary to ensure unparalleled effectiveness and uncompromising patient safety. It is capable of treating a wide range of conditions from normal skin simply in need of attention to more serious conditions such as sun damage, hyperpigmentation and aging. Acne can be successfully treated and the ugly scars it leaves behind made to disappear. Such is the effectiveness of the BellaPeel diamond peeling and serum infusion system.

The Serums

Rejuvenate your skin, reverse sun damage and acne scars and maintain the benefits of clinical and surgical procedures with BellaPeel’s carefully formulated professional serums. Just like the machine itself, the BellaPeel professional serums are the result of thorough science-based research and development which is increasingly committed to finding better, safer and more effective solutions for skin care. The BellaPeel serums include:


A fast working and highly effective serum used primarily for treating acne skin, pimples and rosacea.


Actively helps repair skin damage at cellular level in sun damaged and aging skin while preventing such damage in normal skin. Promotes fresher, healthier and younger looking skin


Especially suited for sensitive skin, this hydrating serum is very effective in treating dry chapped skin


Used for treating dark skin effectively giving it a brighter and more radiant look. Also helps in drastically reducing aging spots and hyper pigmentation


This serum was specially developed for treating psoriasis stricken skin. It is fast working and effective

The Results

BellaPeel diamond peeling
Acne skin
A serious case of acne successfully treated in 10 sessions restoring a visable measure of normality to the skin.
A face full of embarrassing pimples looking fresh and clean after 4 treatment sessions.
BellaPeel diamond peeling
Aging Skin
Aging wrinkles and visibly dull skin looking appreciably better after 6 treatment sessions
Treatment started 6 weeks after surgery with clearly visible results after 4 treatment sessions

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