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Facial toning has moved on. The combined use of special gels together with an interferential current, ensures the maximum benefit for improved results. Treatments are designed to enable your treatment to be tailored exactly to your specific needs.

Super Plus muscle toning and firming provides toning and firming for a smoother skin. The treatment boosts circulation to promote cell renewal and skin hydration, leaving you looking radiant.

The treatments include:

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Background Information

Nemectron was formed back in 1952 by Rolf Kochert and Dr. Nemec was the founder of Interferential current therapy. Nemectron has specialised in the development of electrical therapy equipment for use in medical and cosmetic treatments.

It has been a leader in the research and development of the use of electro-therapy with strong associations with German university hospitals and research institutes, e.g. Karlsruhe Research Centre.

The Noblesse (Edit 400) is the most advanced device of its type available; it has 30 programmable programs and six fixed programs. It has a frequency range from .5 Hz to 225 Hz, which can be set with any sweep range depending on the condition being treated. By using the movement of current and increase and decrease of intensity while treatments is performed the best possible results are achieved.

The programs have a number of frequencies which change automatically as the program progresses. This means the machine does not have to be constantly attended to by the therapist to change frequency and intensity to the client.

Interferential is possibly the most widely used form of electro-therapy universally, it is comfortable and has less contra-indications than other forms of current such as direct current or micro current. The passing of current over metal implants such as dental fillings or metal implants such as the coil are not contra-indicated.

By using different frequencies co-ordinated with correct intensity and treatment time excellent results will be achieved in the cosmetic field such as Face lifting, Slimming, Cellulite Reduction etc.

The current passes safely through muscles and by using only four electrodes to treat a large area of the body less time is taken up applying electrodes and strapping. The therapist is also safe in the knowledge that the group of muscles that they are to be treating will all be treated correctly as by using movement of current within the treatment area, both origin and insertion of the muscle will be picked up.

Interferential balances the chemical constituencies of cells, increases the rate of oxygenated blood and collagen to the skinís surface at the same time as treating. Therefore when a muscle toning of the facial muscles is performed, after one treatment there is a noticeable result for the client.

When a slimming program is selected the fatty cells are loosened by a massive shaking effect by using the therapy of Endosan, this is followed by the use of low frequency with a good intensity. This creates a strong Lymphatic drainage whereby both fatty waste and excess fluid is removed into the waste products of the body and disposed of.

The maintenance program for the body is body styling; this performs a lymphatic drainage and muscle strengthening. This is similar to weight training; muscles are contracted for a short time and then relaxed.

Cellulite is best disposed of by using the Nobless slim in combination with the Nemectroson ultrasound.

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