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Health and Beauty Treatment Specials

Summer & Autumn Specials | Spring Specials

Summer & Autumn Specials

For those of you who are still thinking of going on holiday now is the time to get your body's skin in tip top condition. The Advanced Hydrating Lunchtime body treatment will ensure your tan looks better for longer.

For more dehydrated skin the Advanced Hydrating and Exfoliating Body Treatment will soften skin and slough off dead skin build up. The skin will tan more easily and look less dehydrated on your return.

Both Treatments are good for after the summer sun has gone to replenish the skin and rehydrate the skin before the winter sets in.

Advanced Hydrating Lunchtime Body Treatment (30 min) £38
An intensive hydrating treatment that gently but effectively exfoliated the surface, dramatically increasing hydration levels and leaving skin feeling soft and youthful.
Advanced Hydrating and Exfoliating Body Treatment (50 min) £95
A relaxing yet intensive body treatment that addresses the visible signs of ageing and dehydration. Delivers multi-layer skincare therapy for dehydrated, dry, sun-damaged or devitalized skin. Exfoliates and evens the skin tone while deeply hydrating at the dermal level. Leaves the skin with a smoother, softer and brighter look and feel.
Advanced Hydrating Hand Treatment (45 min) £40
The ideal hydrating remedy for water-starved skin. An intensive treatment that leaves the hands hydrated, revitalized and nourished with multi-functional vitamin antioxidants for protection and anti-ageing benefits.

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Spring Specials

For an intensely relaxing experience try the IT Facial.
Deep cleansing and a glycolic peel are followed by a lymphatic massage that drains away all puffiness and leaves you in a state of complete calmness. When you come to, skin is clear, smooth and glowing.
- £85 per treatment

Choco Beauty Treatments
Choco Facial £40
Choco Facial with Oxygen Stimulation   £45

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